Where to Start Tutoring and Learning English?

- Business - January 31, 2023

Is it better to choose an English course at a language school, Tutoring, or self-study at home?

Be clear about your goals and consider what you will gain from learning English.
Before you decide how to start learning, think about WHY and WHY you want to do it. Being clear about your goals has two advantages. Firstly, it helps to maintain a high level of motivation. Every time you feel tired, discouraged, or don’t feel like learning, remind yourself what you will gain from learning English.(O-level tutors in Lahore) A higher, better-paid position? Opportunity to go to work abroad? Accessible communication during the holidays? Self-satisfaction? Change of profession? Thinking about how your life will change for the better when you achieve your goal will allow you to overcome moments of weakness that happen to everyone.

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Secondly, a clearly defined goal allows you to match best the method and pace of learning to your needs. A different approach will work for someone whose goal is to be able to communicate in English during the holidays, another if you need to quickly learn how to make presentations in English and write emails, and another if you plan to pass an exam in two years.
How best to start learning depends a lot on your level of language proficiency. You can determine this level yourself using a scale. In the table, you will find descriptions of the individual language competencies – speaking, writing, listening comprehension, and written text- and a list of specific skills you should have at a given level.

A more precise tool is the so-called placement tests, i.e., placement tests conducted by language schools. Their advantage over determining your level of English on your own is the ability to check your speaking skills during a conversation with an experienced tutor. Why is the correct determination of the class so important? This allows you to choose the best materials, which significantly impacts the pace and effectiveness of learning and the learner’s comfort.

The basics are the most important – start learning English from scratch.

For the venture to have a chance of success, you need to take care of solid foundations. It is worth being patient and accepting that mastering the basics of English is necessary to use it fluently in the future. When learning a foreign language from scratch, paying attention to linguistic competencies is essential. The ability to read and listen always precedes writing and speaking independently. Knowledge and understanding of basic grammar rules are helpful and even necessary for the performance and self-production of the language.

What is the most important thing at the beginning of learning English?

You have defined your goal, set your level, and would like to start learning from scratch. What should your next step be? Regardless of whether you have decided to take an English language course in a good school, where you will be taken care of by a lector who will select the suitable materials, help you and take care of your language development, or whether you have decided to study on your own at home, it is worth knowing what the most important in learning English from scratch.

Speaking – speaking fluency

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The ultimate goal for most English language learners is to speak fluently. What will help us achieve it? First of all, practice. The more you talk, the easier it becomes. In theory, this is a pretty obvious rule. Still, many people, especially adults just starting their adventure with English, need help breaking the language block to avoid speaking like the plague. If you are also one of them, we have some proven advice for you:
• Practice at home – try to speak out loud as often as possible, read aloud, repeat the words of your favorite song, and say the phrases and sentences that appeared in the lesson several times. It is worth reaching for podcasts created for. Don’t just listen to them – repeat whole sentences aloud. In a word – get used to talking.

• Take advantage of every opportunity to speak during class – the sooner you start trying to tell, the sooner you’ll be fluent. Don’t worry about mistakes; naturally, you make them, especially at the stage of learning English from scratch. No one will judge or criticize you. If you study alone, speak English to your household members and even the mirror.

• Take your time and speak clearly – If you are not sure how to say something, do not be under the delusion that if you mumble a sentence under your breath as quickly as possible, swallowing the ends, you will somehow get out of the situation. On the contrary, in this way, you only delay the learning process and miss the opportunity to practice your pronunciation. During English classes, take your time, and don’t be afraid to speak loudly and clearly. The tutor will have a chance to hear and correct mistakes.

• Build simple sentences – the most common trap people who start learning English fall into is trying to translate sentences directly into English. You must realize that you are an adult native speaker, and as such, you can build beautiful, complex sentences full of sophisticated vocabulary in your native language. (Tutor Search)Requiring the same from yourself in English after a few months of study is unreasonable. Make simple sentences; over time, your skills will grow, and you can build more and more complex statements.

English grammar

When learning the basics of English, grammar is essential, and it’s tough to tell where learning vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking ends and learning grammar begins.

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