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- Business - December 27, 2022
movers and packers in Dubai
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A move requires the transportation of all your belongings, however, varied they may be. To ensure your safety, you must choose the best movers and packers in Dubai.

Tips for the best movers and packers in Dubai

As the best movers in Dubai, we offer complete support for house shifting in Dubai. We have the tools and the desire to make your life and the relocation process easier. Here are all the benefits you can enjoy when you hire our team of professional movers who will take care of the loading and unloading of your belongings.

Super Budget Mover is Dubai-based removal and storage company with over thirteen years of experience in providing low-cost removals and high-quality services. We are particularly experienced in national and international removals.

So if you don’t have much time to prepare for your move, no problem! Just get in touch with our professional movers and packers in Dubai and benefit from our experts with the safety of your goods before, during, and after your move.

For office electronics, it’s important to pack them one by one in secure boxes and if possible, reinforce them with bubble wrap, terry towels, or old socks for glasses. Find out and hire expert office removals in Dubai to pack your office items properly.

Furniture movers in Dubai

Prefer furniture, soft bags, or portable wardrobes to avoid creasing important furniture. You can find our article on furniture packing by clicking on this furniture supplier in Dubai. For sheets, duvets, and cushions, prefer vacuum airbags over cardboard boxes. It’s a good idea to pack the essentials you’ll need in the first days of your move in a box.

Best places to hire movers and shippers

Much to our chagrin, jewelry tends to get tangled up, just like our headphones. Fortunately, there are cheap and simple solutions to prevent this. So don’t hesitate to hire movers and packers in Dubai to prevent tangles. You can also use egg boxes to store small jewelry (earrings, bracelets, etc.) by tapping them on the wall.

Now pay particular attention to mirrors

Use adhesive tape to minimize vibrations, but also the risk of cracking or breaking! You only need to place it from one end of the mirror to the other, forming a cross. You can repeat the operation several times. Then wrap it preferably in a thick blanket or bubble wrap.

This method protects against minor bumps and knocks from transport. To make sure you don’t forget anything and to make your move as efficiently and quickly as possible.

A checklist to make sure that you don’t forget to leave anything behind.

Secure the boxes with tape by forming a cross on the bottom, regardless of the items to be transported, especially for the heaviest items. For books or clothes, choose wheeled suitcases, and for heavy safes and wardrobes, use safe movers. We don’t think about it, but cramming these things together can be very heavy. What’s more, this prevents items from breaking.

Think about plastic bags

As for the screws and other bolts of your disassembled furniture. We can group them in sealed envelopes or plastic bags, noting which piece of furniture they belong to so that nothing is lost. For furniture that has not been disassembled, the Moving Company In Dubai team will pack them in your home with plastic wrap so that the drawers do not open during transport.

For canned goods, tools, or other items that have a certain weight, use rigid plastic crates that will allow you to transport them more easily. Your hygiene products, such as shampoo or essential oils, deserve attention. A very important tip: put a large enough end of a plastic bag over an open bottle. Then close the lid on top and you’re done. The risk of leakage will be greatly reduced.

Create order

Be organized Preparing the boxes is very important. So, we advise you to write down what is in them if they are fragile and to separate them according to which part they belong to. We recommend that you use containers to store seasonal items.

This will allow you to identify them easily and put them away quickly in the garage or attic since you only use them once a year. It’s also a good opportunity to sort your belongings, so quickly check out our article on this topic: Moving is an opportunity to sort your belongings.

Optimize storage

Prefer small boxes for heavier items, which will be more sturdy and won’t give way. On the other hand, larger boxes are more suitable for lighter but bulky items. Even inside the box, the heaviest items have their place at the back. This way, no item will be crushed during the trip.

Take pictures

Technological items such as a TV, hi-fi system, or computer, should travel in their original boxes if they are still under your elbow. Otherwise, choose a large cardboard one, complete with newspapers, bubble wrap, and other blankets. To avoid confusion, the best movers and packers in Dubai use color codes or numbers. For any query please visit Super Budget Movers in Dubai.

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