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- Entertainment - January 24, 2023
tulip shalwar

In addition to the shalwar kameez, sharara, gharara, and sarees that make up traditional South Asian attire, the desi style encompasses a great deal more than just the traditional shalwar kameez. As a result, we decided to show you just how extensive the traditional South Asian style is. Therefore, we will be discussing tulip shalwar—a type of shalwar that has made a comeback this season—in order to provide a glimpse into the extensive fashion that is incorporated into traditional South Asian fashion.
Unfortunately, tulip shalwars were only fashionable for a short time. Fortunately, tulip shalwar has quickly returned this Eid season across Pakistani brands, surprising everyone. With tulip shalwars, you can wear so many different looks; Tulip shalwars are a favorite of not only Pakistani women but also our fellow women across the border. We gave you all the looks you can wear with tulip shalwars because we thought about them.

How to Wear Tulip Shalwar

Before we get into the specifics of how to wear tulip shalwars for various events, here are a few quick hints.
The traditional shalwar is the inspiration for tulip shalwars.
Since sewing a tulip shalwar at home is similar to sewing a shalwar, it shouldn’t be too difficult.
The tulip shalwar style is also appropriate for women who are reluctant to switch from the traditional shalwar style.
The majority of local brands carry tulip shalwars, which are easily accessible.
Brides can also wear tulip shalwars on their big day, given their recent huge comeback.
Tulip shalwars combine the chicness of western attire with a touch of eastern wear. You can wear a white tulip shalwar with a variety of tops throughout the year if you buy one of good quality.

How to Slice a Tulip Salwar 1.

The first step is to fold the cloth in half.
4. After that, you will need to measure the crotch area carefully before sewing the two sides together from this area.
Now let’s talk about styles and outfits that you can wear on a daily basis with tulip shalwars.

14 – Trend Warning:

And the one we’re most interested in is this tulip shalwar with frills. Check out these Best Ways to Wear a Patiala Shalwar for more desi style ideas.
Sobia, a well-known Pakistani makeup artist, and her daughter Zarpash are shown here dressed in silk tulip shalwars and a velvet shirt. It is commendable that silk was chosen as the fabric for the shalwar because silk has its own shine and the natural flow of the fabric helps create a beautiful tulip shalwar with a nice fall.

10 – Long Shirt and Tulip Salwar

From Cross Stitch, this is the first tulip shalwar style we have. It is a beautiful shirt and tulip salwar. An exquisitely embroidered long Kurti in Lincoln Green is paired with light peach, almost fawn-colored tulip pants that have some embellishment at the bottom of the shalwar. Summer is the perfect time to wear this style; The color and tulip design of the shalwar are ideal for the warm weather. This look is perfect for going to work, school, an event, a get-together with family or friends, or even getting ready for a casual day with light jewelry and makeup. Due to the fact that Eid occurs during the extremely hot summer season over the past few years, this outfit will be ideal.

Via 9 – Kurti with White Tulip Shalwar

Kurta shorts in white with a gold print and tulip pants in white. You can get the entire outfit from Cross Stitch, or you can get a similar one or make a tulip shalwar for yourself by following the pattern. Pair this light kurti and tulip shalwar with chic tassel earrings, gold jhumkas or chandaalis, and the gorgeous pearl and gold neckpiece that this beauty has been seen wearing for the perfect Eid look. For you, a pair of bronze or maroon khussas will complete the look.

Via 8 – Casual Wear

Yes, the look you’ve all been waiting for—probably—even if you weren’t is here: tulip shalwars for everyday wear. Such a thing is perfect for a summer iftar party, everyday work, or school outfit. You can accessorize it with a colored dupatta and footwear to add some color, and you have yourself a look! Take a look at these Ideas to Wear Short Shirts with Palazzo Pants for more casual wear outfit ideas.

Via 7: How to Wear a Short Shirt With a Tulip Shalwar

One of the most frequently asked questions about tulip shalwar was how to wear a short shirt with it. So, we decided, let’s provide you with a comprehensive response once and for all. The tulip shalwar will look like flared Patiala shalwars if the pleats are far apart from one another.

6 – Three-Piece Suit with Tulip Shalwar

It’s a complete summer ensemble for you girls, complete with a wristwatch and some dangly earrings.

5 – Tulip Shalwar With Choli

Here’s a different way to wear tulip pants if you don’t want to wear them like a traditional shalwar kameez. Wear a choli with your flared tulip pants, as this stunning woman does;

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