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- Software - January 16, 2023
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Online EventThe fact that the agenda is the foundation of any event or meeting doesn’t need any spotlight. The agenda of any event is something that binds the entire event together and is the reason you get to host the event just the way you want it. The importance of the agenda can be understood by the fact that having a clear and well-defined agenda can help you save up to 80% of the time. Also, it goes without saying that an event agenda helps in improving the proficiency and productivity of the members attending it. 

Without an event agenda, your online event would be nothing but a time pass that would have an inconclusive outcome. With an agenda, the time spent by you and your attendees is justified, and it helps you stay on track. As you can understand, there are several advantages to setting up a clear agenda for your event.

But how do you ensure setting up a clear agenda for your event? What are the points you should keep in mind while planning your event agenda? Moreover, what tips that the experts share to ensure that the organizers plan their event agenda effectively and seamlessly? 

Tips Organizers Should Keep in Mind While Planning an Event Agenda

  • Share Agendas Early

Agendas are something you shouldn’t keep for the last minute. Having done that won’t allow your attendees to prepare enough for the meeting. It is why you should avoid sending your event agendas a day before the meeting. Send your event agendas a few days before the event, say a week before the event is scheduled. You can send the meeting agenda along with the meeting link. Doing that would ensure that your attendees know what to expect from the event. Not only this, it will boost the productivity of your attendees in the meeting and give it a conclusive ending. 

  • Involve Your Attendee’s Point of View

The next tip you should keep in mind is to involve your attendees in the agenda. If you are planning to host an in-house meeting, including your attendees in the agenda-building will help in boosting a sense of involvement among the attendees. Another advantage of asking for input from your attendees or team members will ensure that you don’t end up missing out on any important point that needs to be discussed. Needless to say, it lets people feel valued and that their opinions matter. Though asking for agendas might not go well with all kinds of meetings, you can include this in your meetings that include intense discussions. 

  • Explain a Bit

Not many pay enough attention to this point, but while you are sharing the meeting or event agenda with your attendees, make sure to give a little briefing of the agenda as well. For example, if you choose the agenda to be around sales for the upcoming year, you should ideally explain this while sharing it with your team members. If you end up sharing ‘sales’ as the agenda, would it be fair to your attendees that you expect them to prepare for it the way you want them to? It is why communicating the agenda clearly with your attendees becomes extremely important and crucial. It will give the assurance that everybody stays on the same page. Also, giving a little bit of context to your attendees will ensure that they come prepared for the meeting. 

  • Allocate Time Frame and Stick to It

One of the biggest reasons behind the failure of the meeting is the improper time allocation for each point that needs to be discussed. Team members end up spending more time on a less-important topic. It leaves them with almost no time to discuss the points that actually need to be addressed. Conducting meetings like these will be nothing but a waste of time and less or no productivity. Avoid situations like this and host meetings that not only address all the necessary topics and are worth everybody’s time and effort.

Also, you should allocate a particular time frame to each topic and stick to that particular time. Doing this will allow you to cover all the important points. Also, it will also ensure that your meeting stays on track. It also goes without saying that nobody would prefer meetings that were expected to be for 45 minutes but got extended beyond 90 minutes. 

  • Share Actionable Points

While many plans to follow effective strategies during and before the meeting, not many pay enough attention to the post Online Event strategies. Now that your Online Event is over, you should know what you are going to do next. Just after an event gets over, be it a virtual meeting or employee training webinar, you should now share the actionable points with the attendees. It is to ensure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to knowing the actions one needs to take to achieve the discussed points. This step is also necessary to avoid the need for follow-up meetings. 

For this, you should keep a few things in mind; one of them is sending the actionable points. Attach them with the meeting minutes to post the meeting or webinar. It doesn’t matter the kind of event you are hosting; you should always send a concussion with the attendees. 

  • Review Your Events

If you wish to improve something, what will you do? The first thing you need to do is review it. It is how you will get to know your shortcomings. Also, you will get to know what you need to improve in the upcoming editions of your event, Online Event, or even employee training webinars. For this, you can send a short review or survey form to your attendees. Also, ask for their feedback about the event. The feedback you will receive will help you in shaping your upcoming events and strategies. 

Final Word

Creating an agenda is probably the most overlooked yet critical part of building effective events. Needless to say, event agendas are something that acts as the foundation for an event. Hence, if you are planning to host events that are effective, start with creating agendas. It will help you make your events that are worth everybody’s time and money. 

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