How To Improve The Sound On Your Wireless Earbuds?

- Business - January 19, 2023
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All wireless earbuds have the same tricks and tips to improve sound quality. Follow these tricks in this order, to improve your sound!

  1. Try different sizes of observance tips

Wireless earphones come in two different varieties.

  •  There are Apple AirPods- style earpieces which you’ hang’ in your cognizance. These are called half- in- cognizance.
  •  Most wireless earbuds on the request, still, are regular in- cognizance. They come with a rubber observance tip on the end of the earpiece, which goes in your cognizance.

 This first tip is for everyone with regular in- observance earbuds.

All in- observance wireless earbuds come with different sizes of rubber observance tips. utmost earbuds are delivered with three sets of observance tips right in the box, but some models come with indeed further different sizes and styles.

This trick seems like a no- brainer, but numerous people do not do this. Always try the different sizes of rubber observance tips that come with your earphone! Changing the observance tips makes a huge difference in sound quality

 Opting THE Stylish observance TIP FOR YOUR TWS

Switching the rubber observance tips is easy. Do not be hysterical to damage your earphones it’s nearly insolvable to do so while changing tips. All you have to do is pull the current rubber tip out and put another on it.

You know when you have the right- sized observance tip when it’s comfortable for you, and you hear a noticeably better sound.

When you have the right size, you can feel the bass a bit.  You get a perfect seal as a result, which enables much greater sound quality from the earbuds.

The bass will gain power, and advanced notes will come less harsh- the sound will be warmer and better overall.

minimum trouble, maximum difference!

  1. Select the loftiest sound quality in Spotify, Google Music, Deezer

When you’ve got the right size of observance tips, you’ve got the basics covered. Now, it’s time to take the coming step and maximize the sound quality of the music streaming service you hear to.

utmost music streaming services, like Spotify, Deezer, and Google Music, standard select’ Normal’ or’ Automatic’ music quality. This is accessible, as it’ll bring the streaming service and yourself smaller data to stream music. It is not a success for sound quality, still.

By changing the audio setting from normal to the loftiest available quality, you unleash further dynamics, refinement, and more spaciousness in the music. You may hear a ton more detail!


 Spotify( iPhone)
  1.  Select the Home tab
  2.  Tap the settings button in the top right
  3.  Tap Sound quality
  4. Select the loftiest audio quality for both streaming and downloading
 Spotify( Android)
  1. Select the Home tab
  2.  Tap the settings button in the top right
  3.  Scroll to Sound quality
  4.  Select the loftiest audio quality for both streaming and downloading
 Deezer( iPhone/ Android)
  1. Navigate to Audio settings in the left corner of the music player’s screen.
  2.  Under’ Audio quality’, elect’ individualized’
  3.  Select’ High quality( HQ)’ for all four settings
 Google Play Music( Android/ iPhone)
  1. Select “Menu” from the top-left corner.
  2.  Tap’ Settings’
  3.  Scroll to’ Play’ or’ Playback’
  4. choose “Always high” for both the mobile and wifi networks.

Take note you may need a paying subscription to get the loftiest audio quality setting.

After switching the sound quality, the music streaming service may need time to modernize your being music downloads or refresh the music on your waiting list. You’ll soon enjoy music playback in advanced quality- and better sound in general!

  1. Try different codecs on Android

Most wireless earphones come with different codecs. Some of them might work better for your phone, while the codec is not actuated straight down. While the sound of the earbuds itself and the former two way are way more important to ameliorate the sound quality, you may further enhance the sound by opting a codec on Android manually.


  1.  Go to the Bluetooth settings
  2.  Find your presently connected wireless earbuds
  3.  Tap the Settings- wheel coming to the earbuds
  4.  still, spark it to see if the sound changes
  5.  If it shows a codec- slider( for illustration AAC or HD- audio).

This setting is not available on iPhone and maybe indeed most Androidphones.However, hear back and forth between the codec settings to see if the sound improves you may just be lucky, If it’s possible.

 Perk tip Try observance tips of other earphones you have!

By now, you’ve formerly tried the different rubber observance tips that come with your brace of wireless earbuds, right? If not- try step 1 first.

Still, you can try to optimize the sound farther by trying rubber observance tips of other earphones you still have around, If the sound is still not to your relish. Not all observance tips will fit all earbuds this is heavily dependent on the size of the snoot on your earbuds. still if you can pull another set of observance tips over the snoot of your new wireless earphones, it’s always delightful to see how they alter the comfort and the sound quality for you.


  •  Do you want further bass in the sound? Generally, you’ll unleash it by using observance tips with a wide opening( drag).
  •  Do you want lower bass? Generally, you’ll achieve this by using observance tips with a lower opening( drag).
  •  Do you want more spaciousness in the sound? occasionally, longer observance tips may give you a slightly more airy sound.
  •  Do you want the tightest fit you can have? Try froth tips. Press them until they are compact before you put them in your cognizance. They will grow in your cognizance and acclimate to your observance conduit. They may give lower bass than the stylish rubber- tips, buy may give you the stylish fit.

There’s no guarantee other observance tips will ameliorate the sound of your wireless earphones. utmost manufacturers give observance tips with their earbuds that round the sound of the earbuds.There are exceptions, still, so it’s worth tip- switching as much as you like.

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