How to fish and the dos and don’ts of fishing

- Foods - December 21, 2022

Nowadays, people’s lives are becoming more and more leisurely. Going outdoors, fishing is a good choice. Of course, most fishing friends have mastered fishing skills proficiently, but those new children are probably still confused , how to fish and what to pay attention to, I hope that through the following introduction, you can go fishing easily, not only can you catch fish, but also get the joy of fishing


  1. It is not possible to catch fish by the river, you have to find a good location. This is the key to catching fish, so you must find a good fishing location. Fish like to live in places rich in aquatic plants, so we should choose In the gaps where the aquatic plants are lush, that is, between the aquatic plants, this is the best position.
  2. Prepare tools, materials, fish food, fish hooks, fishing rods, fish marks,,, install the rods, carefully test the water marks, and test the depth of the water. This is the primary task before fishing, so don’t underestimate it and do it well.
  3. Make sure what fish you want to catch. If you want to catch small white fish, you must know that small white fish belong to the upper layer fish. When you place the bid, you should lower the bid so that you can catch small white fish.


This is what experienced fishing friends have said over the years.

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How to fish in dnf fishing activities

Dungeons and Warriors has recently launched a fishing event, through which players can exchange for shards of different dimensions, ancient elves’ drugs, growth capsules, upgrade rolls, etc. Next, I will share with you the full-level skills and strategies for fishing activities. Ebay Discount Code NHS


  1. From December 1, 2016 to December 15, 2016, you can exchange various upgrade coupons by fishing in the street, and have a chance to get mission legend materials!
  2. During the event, players who log in to the game for the first time every day can get one each o
  3. 【Elementary Fishing Bait】【Intermediate Fishing Bait】and 【Advanced Fishing Bait
  4. During the event, players can collect bait after reaching a certain time online every day. The accumulated time is accumulated in the account dimension, and each account is limited to claim once a day.
  5. During the event, you can buy various baits with gold coins at the NPC Fire Spirit!
  6. During the event, warriors can fish in the small pond in Dark City! Each fishing will consume one bait, and this event will have an automatic fishing function. During the fishing process, there will be a certain chance to trigger the [Harvest Music Box] buff, which can increase the fishing speed, but the automatic fishing does not apply to this buff.
  7. Successful fishing: get [can] × 1 + one of [mackerel], [black snapper], [shark], [whale shark]
  8. Fishing failure: get [can] × 1
  9. The above 5 props are account bound. When consuming high-grade bait or fishing king’s private bait, there is a chance to get [stinky ancient plastic bag]
  10. The above props are account bound.

How to fish in autumn

Fishing includes spring fishing, summer fishing, autumn fishing and winter fishing. So in the season of golden autumn and October, how can you catch fish in autumn fishing? In fact, the first thing you need to master when fishing in autumn is the temperature, because the temperature difference in autumn is large Therefore, the water temperature is not the same in the morning, noon and evening, followed by bait and fish conditions. Master these and you can fish easily! Let me take a look at the skills of fishing in autumn!

Master the fall bait

  1. Autumn is such a suitable climate that people will feel refreshed in autumn, so it is also suitable for the life and foraging of fish. Most fish start to store energy at this time, so that they have enough energy to survive the winter. At the same time, this time is also the most active time of the year for fish, so the digestion and energy intake of fish is very large at this time, and even some miscellaneous fish will appear regardless of meat and vegetables. Therefore, if you choose to go fishing in this season, you will often return with a full load.
  2. Mid to late November is also the last peak fishing season of the year. Therefore, it is easy to go fishing after knowing a little bit about the bait. You must know that the food that fish like to eat is different in different seasons. Foods with high protein and fat content are also very popular.
  3. For example, use red worms, earthworms, shrimps, etc. as bait, and choose the bait accurately, and you will have a good harvest.
  4. The bait rate of fish is still relatively high in autumn. Expert friends know that fishing in autumn is far better than summer fishing, and the bait rate is higher, which is why fishermen like fishing in autumn

Range of Activity of fish

  1. in autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the water temperature also changes with time, becoming cool at the top and warm at the bottom. Fish generally gather at the bottom of the water layer, so fishermen should choose to fish in deep water or semi-water at this time. And when the sun is sufficient at noon, when the overall temperature rises, the temperature of the upper water layer will also rise. At this time, fish will come to the upper water layer to look for food. Therefore, if you go fishing at noon, you can choose to be in the shallows near the water.
  2. ps: Fishing harvests are best in the rainy season of September and October, but in November, it is easier to catch the bait on sunny days. eBay Discount Code NHS 

Autumn fishing season selection

  1. Choose whether to go fishing in early fall or late fall. As the so-called one autumn rain and one cold, if you go fishing in late autumn, a large amount of rainwater will pour into the water, the density of cold water will increase, the water temperature will drop, and the fish will hide in the deep water area and seldom go to the shore. Go fishing and receive very little.
  2. However, if one can well grasp the wind direction and current, such as the characteristics of fish floats and skills, then one can fish well, and accurate judgment should be made according to one’s own experience.
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