How not to spam your nurse practitioner email database

- Business - January 25, 2023
Nurse Practitioner Email Database
Nurse Practitioner Email Database

Email messages are a powerful way to connect with your subscribers and promote your business. But, as data privacy laws tighten, reaching your subscribers’ inboxes has become difficult. If your emails have not reached the intended recipient, they are most likely in the spam folder.

In this article, we cover the best practices that ensure your nurse practitioner email database subscribers interact with your emails instead of sending them to the spam folder. But before we dive deeper, let us first understand why the emails end up as spam and how spam filters prevent them from reaching your subscribers.

Why do your nurse practitioners mailing list subscribers find your emails spam?

Subscribers may be cleaning up their inboxes or may have forgotten why they subscribed in the first place. They can mark your emails as spam for several reasons-

  • You did not obtain their permission

If people find emails from unknown domains in their inboxes, they will likely mark them as spam. Even if your messages are well-researched and interesting, they can still land in the junk folder if the subscribers do not want to receive your emails in the first place. Not obtaining their permission violates GDPR, and the authorities can penalize you for acquiring the database of nurse practitioners mailing list through unlawful means.

  • You did not include an unsubscribe link

Sending emails to people and not providing the option to unsubscribe is a sure way to irritate them. It looks like you are forcing your emails on them. If people cannot find a way to opt out of your emails, they will send them to spam as a last resort. It affects your sender reputation with email service providers and gives your domain negative press.

  • Your emails trigger spam filters

Spam filters prevent harmful emails from reaching people’s inboxes and deliver emails from only high-quality domains. They act as a protective barrier between the subscribers’ inbox and the outside world. Spam triggers are keywords such as No Cost, Free, and Lowest Price. They also include multiple exclamation marks, unnecessary punctuations, and words that are all capitalized. Including spam trigger keywords in your emails will alert the spam filters and get your emails blocked. When too many emails get blocked, the internet service provider will consider your domain suspicious and blocklist you.

What best practices prevent your email messages from going to the spam folder?

A/B testing your emails is a good way of checking their quality and relevance to the subscribers. An eye-catching subject line that reflects the email content can increase your email open and click-through rates. Read on to know more about the best practices you can follow-

  • Build a double opt-in nurse practitioners email database

A double opt-in process asks subscribers if they want to be added to your list and receive emails about your latest products. Once they agree, a verification email is sent to their address for two reasons. One is to confirm the address is valid and belongs to the subscriber. Two, to confirm the subscriber is genuinely interested in receiving your communications and did not enter their email address by mistake.

  • Clean your nurse practitioner mailing list regularly

Email addresses go out of use when subscribers move to higher positions or change companies. Removing abandoned addresses from your list is important, as internet service providers may reuse them as spam traps. Eliminating invalid email addresses will prevent your emails from bouncing. A reduced bounce rate indicates a healthy domain, which increases your deliverability, i.e., the chances of your emails being delivered to the subscribers.

  • Adhere to anti-spam laws

The anti-spam laws protect the subscribers’ privacy and impose hefty fines on companies acquiring their data illegally. Complying with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and CASL lets you avoid paying the penalties and keeps your brand, domain, and sender reputation safe. It also enhances your email deliverability, so you need to follow a few rules- Inform the subscribers about the physical location of your office. Obtain their email addresses with their consent. Provide an option to unsubscribe.

  • Allow recipients to unsubscribe from your nurse practitioners email list

When you let people opt out of your email communications, you are doing your business a favor. Your list size will decrease, but it will now contain only subscribers interested in your emails. A small but engaged email list increases your credibility and your sender reputation. It tells the service providers that people find your emails useful and increases the likelihood of all your emails getting delivered.

How can I grow my nurse practitioner email list subscribers post GDPR?

Growing the subscribers post the GDPR is all about ensuring positive opt-in and consent to receiving marketing emails. Our lists take you past the legal hurdles and straight to the subscribers’ inbox without effort, eliminating the possibility of being marked as spam. We help you focus on your target demographic with lists segmented into separate categories for a much better sales performance.

How is a nurse practitioner database beneficial to my business?

  • Target 51k+ qualified leads
  • No technology investment
  • 90+% data accuracy
  • No resale of customized lists
  • CRM-friendly files: .csv and .xls formats

A verified list such as ours can generate 90% email deliverability rates and increase your website’s domain authority. We can increase your campaign’s efficiency with real-time updates on the data verification process and delivery in less than 3-5 working days. Purchase our authentic nurse practitioners contact list if you want your multi-channel marketing techniques to generate new leads successfully.



Although several reasons cause your emails to be marked spam, it is possible to identify and resolve the issues. Following best practices, you can ensure your emails reach the primary inbox. Readymade nurse practitioners mailing list from Healthcare Mailing can improve your deliverability and your messages’ impact on the subscribers.


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