Are There Any Serious Complications Of A Missing Tooth?

- Business - December 1, 2022
missing teeth

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be wondering whether it’s having an effect on your overall oral health. Missing teeth can affect the alignment of your mouth, which in turn can affect how food comes out of your mouth and how it tastes to you. Tooth loss also makes it harder to brush and floss properly, which can lead to other problems like cavities or gum disease. Learn what missing teeth can do to your oral health by reading on.



Missing teeth can have both an aesthetic and functional effect on your oral health. The best implant dentists near me are experts in restoring your teeth back to their original form. With a dental implant, you get to enjoy the natural look and feel of real teeth while enjoying a lifetime of stability and function. For those with missing or damaged teeth, it’s important to seek out dental professionals that can restore your smile so you can go on living life without embarrassment. There is no need to live with missing teeth anymore; we’re here to help! Best implant dentists near me will ensure your complete satisfaction and provide you with the care that you deserve.


Chewing And Digestion

Missing teeth can lead to a number of problems. One is that you cannot chew food as well, which can lead to malnutrition and other health issues. You may also have trouble eating certain types of food. Furthermore, your ability to digest food is decreased because there are less chewing surfaces. The lack of teeth also means that you will not be able to speak or smile in the same way as before and your facial appearance may be changed. Finally, with one or more missing teeth, it becomes much more difficult to clean one’s mouth properly and get rid of bacteria that could cause gum disease and other oral health problems.

For these reasons, replacing missing teeth is often recommended by dentists. Implants provide an excellent replacement for lost natural teeth and do not require implants due to their use of metal posts anchored into the jaw bone for support. As mentioned earlier, implants are made from titanium metal, which has become an excellent choice for this type of procedure because it resists wear so well. Best implant dentists near me can help find a provider near you if you’re interested in this type of dental care!


Bone Loss

A missing tooth can cause bone to atrophy or shrink. This is due to a lack of stimulation. Over time, a person’s jawbone will become smaller and weaker. When teeth are removed, it can take up to 3 years for the bone to start growing back. It takes about 10 years for your jawbone to return to its original size after you lose all your teeth. The best implant dentists near me are experts in ensuring that the replacement teeth look natural and real! Visit our website for more information.


Speech Impediments

The consequences of missing teeth can be detrimental to an individual’s social, psychological, and physical well-being. Some people are not able to speak properly due to missing teeth. This may lead to a speech impediment, which can have negative effects on one’s self-esteem. Other effects include difficulty chewing and swallowing food, which may lead to malnutrition or weight loss. Best implant dentists near me are necessary for those with missing teeth to maintain their best possible oral health. An expert best implant dentists near me will help individuals to understand all their options.

Best implant dentists near me provide surgical procedures that require anesthesia as well as nonsurgical procedures such as dental implants. If you are interested in best implant dentists near me, we recommend consulting with one of our top experts at our practice!


Tmj Disorder

Missing teeth can cause a myriad of problems, one being TMJ Disorder. This disorder affects your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and causes pain in your mouth, jaw, head or neck. It may also cause headaches and make it difficult to chew food. Tooth loss can also lead to other dental issues like gum disease or tooth decay. If you’re experiencing any symptoms that could be attributed to TMJ Disorder, schedule an appointment with a best implant dentists near me today! The best implant dentists near me will be able to provide treatment options that work best for your situation.


Increased Risk Of Periodontal Disease

When you don’t have any teeth, it is more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. Bacteria starts to build up and causes gum disease, which will lead to tooth loss. As if that wasn’t bad enough, without teeth, patients are less able to eat properly-causing weight loss and nutritional deficiencies. Finally, with no teeth in place, breathing becomes more difficult as a result of chronic mouth breathing and difficulties chewing or swallowing food can be expected. All in all, it’s clear why a missing tooth may be detrimental to your oral health and overall well being.

Luckily there are best implant dentists near me who can provide patients with dental implants that will restore their smile! Dental implants are artificial structures that replace missing teeth by acting as an anchor for replacement teeth. They are often made from titanium, but they can also be made from ceramic materials. Either way, they’re sturdy and durable because they fuse directly to the jawbone. So they won’t slip out like a false tooth might! In order to make sure this is an option for you. Contact us at today and we’ll schedule an appointment so we can discuss what kind of implant best suits your needs.

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