Al Kabir Town Phase 2 Plot For Sale in Pakistan

- Business - January 30, 2023

al kabir town phase 2 plot for sale The area is known for its amazing facilities and beautiful location. This is why more and more people are interested in buying a plot in the town. It is a great option for those who are looking to relocate or start a new life.


Al Kabir Town Phase 2 is a residential scheme that offers high quality housing solutions. The project is located near Raiwind Road, Lahore. This housing development is ideal for the people who are looking for a peaceful and classy living in a low cost environment. It also offers an easy installment plan.

Besides the affordable price, Al Kabir town phase 2 offers a number of features. It is a gated community with a sophisticated security system. In addition, the developers have ensured that there is a reliable supply of electricity for the residents.

There are various plots that are available for sale at Al Kabir town. The prices of the plots vary depending on the location of the property. For example, the price of the plots in the outskirts of the city is lower than those in the heart of the city. Another benefit of buying the property in Al Kabir town is the availability of commercial plots.


Al Kabir Town Phase 2 Plot For Sale

Residential plots are available in the form of 1-bed apartments, 2-bed apartments, and 3-bed apartments. In addition, the properties come with built-up bungalows. All these options are offered with a three-year payment plan.

Whether you are a student or an office person, Al-Kabir town provides you the best option to live a luxurious life in a safe and secluded community. If you are looking for the ideal residential property in Lahore, then Al Kabir town is a perfect choice.

Al-Kabir town is a modern and well-planned project. The master plan is designed by a team of experts who have a sound understanding of the project. Moreover, the project has received the approval of the Lahore Development Authority.

Al Kabir Developers is a well-established and a reputed name in the field of real estate. They have developed many landmark projects in Pakistan. Therefore, they are trusted by the people. With their expertise and hard work, they are able to provide an excellent housing solution at a reasonable price.

If you are a buyer and looking for the best place to buy a home, then you should consider Al Kabir town phase 2. You can find the property at a low price with a 3-year payment plan.

Price range

Al Kabir town phase 2 is a well-planned project. It offers a wide range of 3 marla on ground residential plots at affordable prices. This scheme is available with convenient installments plans. There are also commercial properties for sale at cheap rates.

Al Kabir developers have been in the real estate business for a long time and have developed many iconic projects in Pakistan. In addition to residential and commercial plots, Al Kabir developers offer farmhouses for sale. The company has been granted approval from the Lahore Development Authority.

Phase 2 of the Al-Kabir town Lahore is located on Main Raiwind Road. It is near to the Beacon House University. It is also close to Lake City and Thokar Niaz Baig Adda Plot Interchange.

There are several commercial plots for sale in the Phase 2 of Al-Kabir Town. They are located in A, B, C and D blocks. Each of the blocks has different sizes and area. However, the dimensions of the blocks are in the range of 8 and 10 marlas.


Commercial Plots

In addition to commercial plots, there are residential plots for sale in the Phase 2. They are in the range of 3 to 5 marlas. Depending on the plots’ location, the price of the plots vary.

Those who want to purchase plots for sale in Al Kabir town can make payments in the form of cash. In addition, there is a payment plan for those who do not want to pay in advance. As per the payment plan, buyers have to pay 25% of the total amount. Moreover, they can also opt for half-yearly or annual payment plans.

Apart from residential and commercial properties, Al Kabir town Phase II has its own infrastructure. There is a world-class hospital, a zoo, and restaurants. Moreover, it is situated near the Ring Road Interchange.

Amongst other amenities, Al-Kabir town Phase II has a high quality power and utility system. Furthermore, it has its own backup power system to provide uninterrupted electricity. To enjoy a modern lifestyle, choose Al Kabir Town for the most luxurious homes at affordable prices.


If you are looking for a residential plot in the heart of the city, then Al Kabir Town Phase 2 is the perfect choice. This residential scheme offers affordable plots in an amazing location. Located near the Raiwind Road, this project provides all the necessary amenities to its residents. It is the latest development of Al Kabir Developers, a renowned name in the field of real estate.

One of the best attractions of this project is the IMAX cinema. Several exotic animals, including snakes and monkeys, will be featured in this movie. The zoo will also be part of the facility. In addition to the movie, there will be other exciting features to keep residents entertained.

Al Kabir town Phase 2 is a gated community that is designed to provide a comfortable lifestyle to the residents. Among its numerous facilities, it provides 24/7 security. Moreover, it has an easy installment plan, with three years and half-yearly payment options. Purchasing a property in this project is a great investment.

In addition to the affordable rates, Al Kabir Town Phase 2 is one of the most attractive and luxurious residential schemes in the city. There are many facilities, such as, a hospital, that are being developed in the project. All the basic necessities, such as, water, electricity, sewerage and drainage system, are also being provided.

Residential Plot in Al Kabir Town Phase 2

If you are interested in a residential plot in Al Kabir Town Phase 2, you should visit the website for more information. You can also check the prices and other updates.

You can also find a variety of plots in Al Kabir Town Phase 2. Residential plots in this phase range from 3 to 20 Marla. Similarly, commercial plots are available in this phase. These are priced from 10 million to 1.3 billion rupees.

This beautiful residential project is a perfect destination for both low-income and high-income individuals. With its great amenities and excellent features, it is a must-buy property. Buying a plot in this project will give you the best investment opportunity.

Al Kabir Developers has successfully completed the Al Kabir Town Phase 1 and are ready to develop Phase 2. The company is a leading name in the field of development, and they have always focused on innovation and affordability for their customers.


Master plan

Al Kabir Town phase 2 is a new housing project in Lahore. It is a contemporary, well planned, and affordable housing community. Located at Raiwind Road, it offers various amenities and services. This residential society is approved by the Lahore Development Authority.

A wide range of plots and apartments are available in this affordable housing project. Plots can be purchased from PKR 500,000 to PKR 6.500,000. These properties are situated at prime locations.

Al-Kabir Town phase 2 offers modern lifestyle facilities and amenities. This is one of the best housing projects in Lahore. In addition to residential plots, the project also offers commercial plots. The plots are available on easy installment plans.

The residential plots in Al-Kabir Town Phase 2 are available in different sizes. The minimum size of the plot is 675 square feet. However, 5 Marla-sized plots are also available in the market. Among the many other features, you can expect from this property, there is a high tech security system.

Al-Kabir Town Phase 2

Various blocks of the Al-Kabir Town Phase 2 are A, B, C, and D. Block E is next to the Lake City. Another important feature of the society is that it provides easy installment plan. You can choose a 3 year or a half yearly payment plan. Moreover, you can avail a discount of five percent if you make a full cash payment.


Apart from that, Al-Kabir Town phase 2 is also a gated community. It has all copyrights of the land. As a result, you will not have to worry about any legal issues.

Al-Kabir Town phase two is a great investment prospect. In addition to the low price, it has all the facilities. To ensure a comfortable living, it has a convenient payment plan.

For more information about this property, contact Wall Real Estate. They can help you find the perfect plot at an affordable price. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, you can take advantage of this housing project.

Al-Kabir Developers are a renowned name in the real estate sector. With their proven track record and expertise, they have developed several world-class housing projects in Pakistan.

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